What do you really want in a speaker? Let’s just stop for a moment and allow you to ask that question to yourself.

Do you need someone who’s been a New York Times bestselling author? Yes? I’m not the guy for you then. I haven’t done that. Not yet anyway.

Do you need someone who’s been an executive of a Fortune 500 company? Great! You’ll find one here, but I have never done that either.

You know what else I haven’t done? This:

  • Get arrested.
  • Swim with sharks.
  • Sky diving.
  • Rocky Mountain climbing.
  • Bull riding.
  • Seriously use the word “synergy” for any reason.
  • Overuse “quotation marks” unless I “needed” to get “the point” across about their “misuse.”

Come to think of it, I might not be right for you.

Or maybe I am.

Do you need someone who’s been a featured speaker at national conferences, industry conventions and corporate training events since 2007? Excellent! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Do you want someone who’s going to use data, stories, real-life examples and wrap it all up in a compelling and motivational package? Sweet. We’re getting warmer.

Do you want someone who speaks about how to move your marketing forward? Get your company’s brand or marketing back on track? Launch forward in bold new ways? Look at how technology has totally changed the very nature of business and turn everything into marketing now? Nice. I’m your guy.

Let’s talk.

If you’re still on the fence, here are some other things I’ve done. Perhaps these will sway you to contact me:

  • Convinced a declining company to create an entirely new division which positioned them for a new, successful future.
  • Unintentionally swam with barracudas.
  • Been featured on marketing guru Seth Godin’s blog…twice.
  • Lived in a remote cabin in the Appalachian Mountains for a summer.
  • Led many companies to make bold choices so they stand out from the competition.
  • Interned in Washington D.C. for a congressman (and went an entirely different course following that experience.)
  • Led the marketing for an iPhone app that’s still the top grossing app in its category two years later.
  • Got a personalized, autographed photo of Mr. Rogers in 1982. Seriously.
  • Saw the potential for how social media would impact business in 2006. Went all in, in 2007.

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