Podcast Backstory

In 2007 I left a marketing agency and went out on my own to become a social media marketing consultant. That was before social media was called social media. The first year was a little rocky but by mid-2008 things really began to take off. It was going really well but in 2013 it was clear I needed to move in some new directions. I couldn’t just be a social media marketing consultant anymore. The space was far too crowded and I was losing my passion for it. I needed to change something.

I slowly started working with companies in different ways by expanding the types of things I did for people like branding, product launches, business development etc. I realized that I had really been doing that kind of thing all along but had sequestered it to the realm of social media yet social media is only one part of the overall marketing story. Marketing, as a whole, was changing and I was watching it happen. Pretty soon my entire definition of marketing had grown and I wanted to help companies understand how to change it and apply those changes for themselves too.

So in July, 2014 I started making small but steady moves toward what you see today. I stopped branding myself under my company name, MicroExplosion Media, and launched this site. I expanded my services and stopped doing other things. My focus has shifted as well. Instead of trying to find the dozen or so clients I need every year, I’m focused on getting my marketing message, methodology and philosophy in front of as many people as possible. That’s what I’ve pivoted to and I decided to share the journey with people who can relate and created the Hinge Podcast.

My professional future hinges on this working.