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In episodes two and three of the Hinge podcast there are clips from my conversation with Michael Epps Utley of Epps Interactive in Nashville. Michael is a friend and has a lot of wisdom to share…much of which didn’t make it into the previous episodes but is worth sharing.

While I’m working on the next chapter of episodes for the podcast I’ll be releasing a few uncut conversations. This particular recording with Michael was back in early December 2014. A lot has changed in the six months as I’ve gotten more clarity about how I’m hinging yet much of what Michael says that didn’t show up in the official podcast episodes is still very applicable.

In this episode I went searching for blind spots. While on the one hand I feel like I’m on the right path, I can’t help but wonder what I don’t know. Am I missing something? Is there something I don’t see? Can I even make this shift from an agency to a personality?

To find out, he spoke to three friends who all lend their perspective on what they think I can do, can’t do and a few things I wasn’t even admitting to himself.

Special thanks to John Michael Morgan, Michael Epps Utley and Chris Thomas for contributing valuable insights and thought provoking views about where I’m trying to go.

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I’m excited to finally have the first episode of the Hinge Podcast ready for download. When I thought about doing a podcast several months ago I knew I wanted something that I could say was uniquely mine. I hope you’ll find that to be the case.

In this first episode I give some background about who I am, how I got to the point of needing to make a pivot, and what I hope all this change is about. I want the show to feel like a peek behind the curtain into the conversations that happen when someone is taking steps to change so in this episode you’ll hear some conversations I had with my wife, Melanie, as we discussed the ups and downs of self-employment and speculation about the likelihood of my success as I hope to transition into building a platform/audience around his perspective on marketing.

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Here we go. Enjoy.