Last week I was presenting the idea that everything is marketing now to a group of business people in the Nashville area. After the presentation a man came up to me and said, “so basically if I just keep trying to do the right thing by my customers and keep on delivering great services, that’s a big part of my marketing?”

Yes. Absolutely.

If you play out the idea that everything is marketing now to its fullest extent you realize that it brings us full circle to a world in which people used to do business with people they knew and people they trusted. Many years ago that’s the way it was because that was the only option you had. There was only one place to buy certain things in your town or village. Today we’ve come all the way back to that concept but not by necessity but by choice.

Today I can choose a better company that is easier to work with or more friendly or operates in a way that appeals to my conscience. Acting like marketing still operates within a disconnected mass production world is the wrong way to think about it. The world is looking less and less like that.

So yes, the better you make your business, the better marketing you’re doing. People will talk about the experiences they have with your business from the way you answer the phone to the quality of your products or services. When they talk about you, will it be a story you want people to tell? It’s up to you.

Photo credit: “Oahu Explored” by Nancynance on Flickr via Creative Commons license.¬†